World Play Day


South African children are celebrating what advocates call World Play Day. The Cotlands Organization campaign for improving early education in South Africa is setting up two centers in Johannesburg and giving out toys to children. A 2010 general household survey released statistics showing that only 32% of children under five had access to early childhood development programs. This poses a deep problem for the future of those living in South Africa. If only a few children receive adequate quality education, then the possibility of South Africa developing becomes grim. One of the key ways in which a society can evolve is by promoting education to the youth. At the end of the day, our future relies on kids. By providing them with quality education, they have the tools necessary to grow and prosper. Thankfully World Play Day is celebrating its 14th year and is a part of the advocacy campaign for early childhood education.

Just a little quote to end with ~We are one world, and these children and our children, their destiny is our destiny. Each of us can make a difference~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Do you think early childhood education is important? Comment this post with your opinions on the matter!



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