Summer Learning Day

292319_10151035389668322_1778978937_n[1] Today, we would like to share with you the celebration of summer learning day! It is a day dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of summer learning for children. Summer learning programs maintain and advance the academic and developmental growth of kids, support working families, and keep children safe and healthy. Here at the ELC in order to recognize summer learning day we typically hold a contest. Last year we asked kids to send in pictures of summer learning day activities. The center that submitted the photo that received the most “likes” on Facebook won a special prize. We received pictures of children engaged in educational field trips, making arts and crafts, playing at parks, or learning about animals. It was a joy to see how much fun the children were having by attending a summer learning program. We believe that every child deserves that opportunity.

Help us spread awareness by telling your friends about this important day. If your child is a participant of a summer learning program feel free to leave us a comment about how much you love the program.599440_10151035389033322_478968576_n[1]


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