Inspiration from a Bowl of Cheerios

A trending news topic surfacing the web is the debate over race in America following the biracial Cheerios commercial. Some of the reaction to the campaign was so offensive that General Mills, the maker of the cereal, disabled the comments section on the YouTube video of the ad. It’s astounding that racism is still a topic in the year 2013, almost 60 years since the Civil Rights Movement. How can an interracial ad stir up such controversy in the minds of some Americans? It causes some to scratch their heads in confusion…

Thankfully, not the majority of Americans feel this way. 86 percent of Americans believe that intermarriage is good for our country. A project was created this month by an interracial couple, Alyson West and Michael David Murphy, to combat the hate. Hundreds of interracial families are submitting photos of themselves to their blog “We are the 15 percent.” They created this blog “To publicly reflect the changing face of the American family,” as stated in the introduction of their blog. The stream of interracial photos will show the normalcy behind intermarriage, and hopefully promote equality to all.

What do you think about the racism following the cheerios commercial? Leave a comment below and express your thoughts!CheeriosBowl[1]


2 responses to “Inspiration from a Bowl of Cheerios

  1. Very interesting reaction to the commercial indeed! I love your blog; keep up the good work!

  2. I’m always astounded that these massive well-funded corporations could make such huge mistakes in their advertising. I guess that’s what you get for throwing your money at an ad agency without double checking their work. The public reaction is always the most interesting part about these scandals. The ad’s racism was probably accidental on General Mill’s part because they’re in the business of making a profit, not making prejudiced controversial ads. We’ll see how it turns out

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