Interview with Patti Baloyra

Patricia Baloyra is a children’s novelist with a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from the University of Miami. Her love for Miami led her to write and publish in August 2012, Goodnight Miami, a children’s book about the splendors of living in the Magic City. “She dishes up a wonderfully illustrated tribute to our Magic City. The essence of Miami is found in this bedtime book that children and adults alike will enjoy reading over and over,” said Michelle Bernstein, James Beard Award-Winning Chef.

I was overjoyed having the opportunity to interview Patti. She truly is a praised figure here in Miami and an inspirational powerhouse.

What inspired you to write a children’s novel?

I have always loved books and travel – I was what you’d call a voracious reader as a kid.  After the birth of my son, Sebastian, I was inspired to write a book for kids that honors this great city of ours.

Do you have any kids of your own? If so, are they fans of the book?

Yes – he is 6 years old now and is really proud of the book.

What are the degrees you’ve earned and the past jobs you’ve had that lead you to what you do today?

B.A. in Political Science from the University of Miami and J.D. from U.Penn.

Did studying away for college make you appreciate Miami more, or have you always been in love with the “magic city?”


In one word how would you describe your experience of living in Miami?

Home – which, as one word, is not quite enough, but if you know Miami, you know we are lucky to call this place home.

What are some of your favorite memories growing up here?

Water skiing in Biscayne Bay, especially at the old Miami Marine Stadium; lobstering in the Bay; going to UM and Dolphins games the old Orange Bowl; eating pan con lechon from one of the many excellent Cuban restaurants; spending the whole day on Miami Beach and then going for pizza and shaved ice

Where did you grow up? Ex. Pinecrest, coral gables, kendall

Kendall – near Killian High School

Being a lawyer and a children’s novelist couldn’t be more polar opposite jobs. Which one do you prefer more? Why?

You’re right, they are quite different!  [ Writing Goodnight Miami was a pure pleasure – no one on the other side with whom to argue.  😉 ]  But, you may be surprised at the similarities:  each involves writing and conveying to an audience a clear picture of what you want them to know, and the most enjoyable part of each has been working with a team toward a goal.goodnight miami 


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